Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Pursue your calling to lead in a local church or para-church organization.


The Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies builds on the foundation of the Associates of Arts in Biblical Studies resulting in a strong foundation for those who are pursuing the pastorate or other church ministry. This four-year program is completed on campus with the practical experience of our residential faculty.

Upon graduating with our biblical studies degree, North Carolina students will be equipped with:

  • a foundation in biblical truth and the ability to defend and communicate the Bible;
  • an understanding and appreciation of their position in Christ and able to practice the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life;
  • the ability to recognize differing worldviews and minister effectively and creatively to them;
  • the ability to serve and relate to others biblically;
  • the ability to be active participants in God’s global work.

Career Opportunities:

  • Pastor
  • Adult Education Leader
  • Sunday School teacher
  • Lay leader


The first two years of the BA in Biblical Studies includes the same courses of the AA in Biblical Studies. However, the final two years of the BA exposes the student to specific Bible books (Genesis, Daniel, John, Romans, Hebrews), Worldviews, Ethics, Biblical Counseling, as well as a two track Professional Studies option: select from either a Preaching Track or a Christian Ministry track. Finally, students are able to Minor in one of 6 specializations.

(in addition to the Associate of Arts courses)

Bible/Theology Requirements

BIB303 – Book of Romans
BIB361 – Book of Genesis
BIB382 – Book of John
BIB452 – Book of Hebrews
BIB471 – Book of Daniel

THE253 – Apologetics
THE256 – Knowing God’s Will
THE302 – Doctrine of the Church
THE311 – Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
THE452 – Doctrine of Last Things

Professional Studies Requirements
(choose either Track 1 or Track 2)

Track 1: Preaching Track
PS202 – Intro to Missions
PS203 – Homiletics 1
PS204 – Homiletics 2
PS261 – Intro to Pastoral Ministries
PS262 – Church Leadership & Administration

Track 2: Christian Ministry Track
PS202 – Intro to Missions
PS262 – Church Leadership & Administration
PS302 – Intro to Ministry Leadership
PS304 – Leading Volunteers & Paid Staff
PS312 – Intro to Christian Education

Electives (or Minor)

3-300 Level courses
4 400-Level courses

General Education Requirements

GE201H – Church History 1
GE202H – Church History 2
GE301SS – Introduction to Psychology
GE302SS – Worldviews
GE303E – American Literature
GE303SS – Introduction to Biblical Counseling
GE401HM – Introduction to Philosophy
GE403 – Ethics


  • Credentialed, experienced and effective Faculty
  • Christ-centered community of believers
  • Take as many as 4 classes on a single day, eliminating time away from work/family
  • Low tuition cost
  • Military discount
  • Each class is 11 weeks long
Admission Requirements:
  • Admissions Application ($40 application fee)
  • $40 Application Fee
  • Submit official, sealed high school or GED transcripts
  • Submit official, sealed transcript from every college attended
  • Submit government issued picture ID
  • Submit an official immunization record
  • 48 months total (24 if already completed the Associates of Arts in Biblical Studies)
  • Each individual student’s length of program may vary depending on transfer credits accepted. An official education plan will be completed upon receiving official transcripts from prior colleges.
  • 180 credit hours (quarter system)

*Note: Our campus program runs on the quarter system, not semesters. Therefore, the 180 quarter hours is equivalent to 120 semester hours as listed for many other colleges.

Minor in 1 of 6 Concentrations

Choose to replace your elective slots with selected courses, and you’ll graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies with a Minor in _______ (you fill in the blank!).



Each of the following 4 courses must be taken:

THE305 – Logic and Critical Thinking
THE303 – Christian Apologetics to Islam
THE400 – Apologetic System
THE408 – Problems in Contemporary Apologetics

Additionally, 1 of the following electives must also be taken:

PS309 – Advanced Hermeneutics
PS310 – Great Thinkers

Biblical Counseling


GE303SS – Introduction to Biblical Counseling
GE304SS – Theological Foundations of Biblical Counseling
GE305SS – Counseling Human Emotions
GE401SS – How to Counsel
GE402SS – Counseling Family and Marriage

Biblical Languages


GE301L – Greek 1
GE302L – Greek 2
GE303L – Greek 3
GE411L – Hebrew 1
GE412L – Hebrew 2

Christian Education


PS312 – Introduction to Christian Education
PS314 – Learning Styles
PS316 – Christian Education of Children
PS318 – Christian Education of Youth
PS410 – The Administration of Christian Ministries
PS412 – Church Growth Through Small Group Ministry

Intercultural Studies


PS305 – Missionary Life
PS306 – History and Philosophy of Missions
PS401 – Cross-Cultural Adaptation
PS404 – Contemporary Issues in Missions
PS405 – Missions Practicum

Pastoral Ministry


BIB461 – Pastoral Epistles
PS302 – Intro to Ministry Leadership
PS304 – Leading Volunteers & Paid Staff
PS311 – Homiletics 3
THE450 – Biblical Theology