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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Pursue your calling to lead in a church or para-church organization.


The bachelor’s in biblical studies online program prepares students to be active participants in God’s global work. Graduates will be equipped with a fundamental knowledge of the Bible, an understanding of differing world-views, and an appreciation for spiritual disciplines

Career Opportunities:

  • Pastor
  • Church Leader
  • Ministry Director


Students will learn how to defend and communicate the Bible to others while developing an understanding and appreciation for their position in Christ. The online bachelors in biblical studies program will enable the student to practice spiritual disciplines as a lifestyle, recognize different worldviews and minister effectively and creatively in the midst of them. Students will acquire skills necessary to serve and relate to others biblically in God’s global work.



Semester 1

GE3200 – Research and Concept Development

PS1001 – How to Study the Bible

TH1121 – Progressive Revelation

BI1410 – Old Testament Survey

Semester 2

TH1311 – Spiritual Life

BI1420 – New Testament Survey

TH1011 – Doctrine 1

BI2111 – Life of Christ

Semester 3

TH1021 – Doctrine 2

BI2611 – Biblical Study of Prayer

TH3021 – Doctrine of the Church

BI2141 – History of the Bible

Semester 4

TH3111 – Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

PS2011 – Evangelism & Discipleship

TH4521 – Doctrine of Last Things

PS2121 – Hermeneutics

  • 24 months (to complete the 48 core credits)
  • NOTE: 120 total credits are required to complete the Bachelor’s degree program.
  • Each individual student’s length of program may vary depending on transfer credits accepted. An official education plan will be completed upon receiving official transcripts from prior colleges.
Admission Requirements:
  • High school diploma (or GED equivalent)
  • Admissions Application (free to apply)
  • Official Transcripts (from any/all prior colleges attended)
  • Ministry Reference (list name and email on the application)
  • 48 credits (Core Courses)
  • 15 credits (Minor/Concentrations)
Apologetics Concentration

Logic and Critical Thinking

Christian Apologetics to Islam

Apologetic Systems

Problems in Contemporary Apologetics


Advanced Hermeneutics

Great Thinkers

Biblical Studies Concentration

BI4921 – Life of Saul/David/Solomon

BI4711 – Book of Daniel

BI4621 – Life & Journeys of Paul

BI4521 – Book of Hebrews

BI4721 – Book of Revelation

Biblical Counseling Concentration

GE303SS Introduction to Biblical Counseling

GE304SS Theological Foundations of Biblical Counseling

GE305SS Counseling Human Emotions

GE401SS How to Counsel

GE402SS Counseling Family and Marriage

Biblical Languages Concentration

Greek 1

Greek 2

Greek 3

Hebrew 1

Hebrew 2

Intercultural Studies Concentration

PS305 Missionary Life

PS306 History and Philosophy of Missions

PS401 Cross-Cultural Adaptation

PS404 Contemporary Issues in Missions

PS405 Missions Practicum

Pastoral Ministry Concentration

BIB461 Pastoral Epistles

PS302 Introduction to Ministry Leadership

PS304 Leading Volunteers and Paid Staff

PS311 Homiletics 3

THE450 Biblical Theology