Student Earning Degree In Ministry Online

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership & Ministry

Pursue your calling to lead in a church or para-church organization.


The Bachelor degree in Christian leadership online program offers a wide range of courses relevant to leadership in the church and business environments.  It extends the associates program or builds on the foundation the learner previously developed in other programs. While balancing theory and field-based practices, the program offers the learner additional understanding of areas that need biblical leadership within the church, parachurch, or business sector.

Career Opportunities:

  • Pastor
  • Layleader
  • Parachurch
  • Local Business Person


The online bachelor degree in ministry builds a foundation in biblical truth so that the student is equipped to communicate the Bible to others. By giving the student a working knowledge of Biblical concepts of leadership, it will also equip the student to integrate Christian principles into critical thinking and decision-making in one’s personal and/or professional life. Students will gain a thorough understanding of organizational leadership from different perspectives, including anthropological, psychological, and theological insights.




Semester 1

GE3220 – Research and Concept Development Skills

TH3500 – Biblical Leadership

LE3250 – Working with Teams

BI3330 – Life of Christ

Semester 2

LE3252 – Organizational Leadership

MI3550 – Marketplace Ministry

BI3332 – Redemption in the Old Testament

GE3500 – Ethics

Semester 3

BI4620 – Life & Letters of Paul

TH3500 – Studies in Dispensationalism

MI4624 – Teaching & Preaching Skills

TH420 – Knowing God

Semester 4

LE4355 – Leading Volunteers

MI4630 – Pastoral Care

MI4635 – Biblical Counseling

LE4640 – Ministry Leadership Capstone

  • 24 months (to complete the 48 core credits)
  • NOTE: 120 total credits are required to complete the Bachelor’s degree program.
  • Each individual student’s length of program may vary depending on transfer credits accepted. An official education plan will be completed upon receiving official transcripts from prior colleges.
Admission Requirements:
  • High school diploma (or GED equivalent)
  • Admissions Application (free to apply)
  • Official Transcripts (from any/all prior colleges attended)
  • Ministry Reference (list name and email on the application)
  • 48 credits (Core Courses)