Glimpses of Christ in the Old Testament

We all believe the Bible is inerrant, infallible, and inspired. We also know that it all points to Jesus Christ. But sometimes we struggle with how to preach/teach Jesus from the Old Testament. In this conference, we will develop one approach to preaching Christ from the Old Testament, and then we will work through three major genres: narrative, poetry, and prophecy. 

One Approach

The conference begins with one approach to preaching/teaching about Christ from the Old Testament. This session will be led by Chris Dickerson. His dissertation was entitled “The Emmaus Way: A Comparative Analysis of Three Approaches to Preaching Christ from the Old Testament.” 


The bulk of the day will be spent in workshop sessions hosted by some of our distinguished faculty. Each workshop will showcase how to preach/teach about Christ from a different major genre of the Old Testament, including narrative, poetry, and prophecy

Snacks & Lunch

Enjoy the day with a morning and afternoon snack break, plus lunch! All snacks and lunch are included in the registration fee.

Registration is $10 for the entire event plus snacks.



Featured Talks & Speakers

Session 1 –An Approach to Preaching Christ from the OT (Dr. Chris Dickerson)

Session 2 — Glimpses of Christ in OT Narrative (Dr. Jamale Johnson)

Session 3 — Glimpses of Christ in OT Poetry (Dr. Rodney Phillips)

Session 4 — Glimpses of Christ in OT Prophecy (Dr. Bill Korver)


Bill Korver


Jamale Johnson

Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Chris Dickerson


Rodney Phillips

Vice President of Enrollment

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