Students Earning Christian Minor In North Carolina

Student Life at CCBS

Our students are family. They come from various backgrounds, but when at the school…they’re just one big family.¬†We don’t have dorms and football teams, but we do have a collective spirit of love for the body of Christ. Students hang out before class, after class, eat lunch together, preach in one another’s churches, and even go on mission together. At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, we are family!

Student Ministry

Our students are more than “just students.” Each one is involved in some form of local service. How else do you develop servant leaders unless they are serving. Part of our campus degree requirements includes “student ministry.” For many students, this is already something they are involved in at church: preaching, singing in the choir, teaching a small group, being a greeter, etc. However, some students serve in the community with the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

For details, read the current Student Ministry Handbook.

Missions Ministry

Many of our students serve on local and international mission teams. It’s a great way to serve God, engage the nations, and build community as a class. These mission opportunities are normally organized and led by local churches.

Student Lounge

The lounge is the place for hanging out. Coffee and hot tea. Drink and snack machines. And in the new building, there will be a walk-out onto the front patio where students can find some fresh air as they study, relax, or catch up on the latest student news.

Student Senate

Our student body nominates and elects a group of students to lead their charge. This group then works with our Academic Dean to coordinate events, offer special seminars, etc.

Student-led Prayer Time

A group of students meets weekly for prayer. Contact the main office to find out the current time and location, as it often rotates due to student schedules.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook helps all students to be on the same page when it comes to daily life around the college. Please take some time to read the most current edition of the Student Handbook.

CCBS Student Handbook 2017-2018

Alumnus David Probus leading worship during our recent student-led Faculty Appreciation dinner.

Students Daniel and John as the chefs for the Faculty Appreciation Banquet.

Students serving shoulder to shoulder for the Faculty Appreciation Banquet.

The Class of 2016!