You have completed your FAFSA and wondering, “What happens next? When will my aid be processed?” It actually depends on the school you are attending.

Some schools process aid before you start your degree program and other schools wait to process until you have started your classes. Some schools are on semesters and some on quarters which can also determine when your aid is processed.

If you have questions about your financial aid and when it will be processed, it is best to contact the financial aid department of the school you are attending. They can explain when your aid will arrive and if other documentation is needed for your aid to be awarded.

In addition to completing your FAFSA, you may get pulled for verification. Don’t panic. This just means that the school needs to review the accuracy of the data on your FAFSA. The verification process must be completed for your aid to be awarded.

At CCBS, our financial aid is processed after you begin your classes and arrives during the second week of your second class. Feel free to visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

Read more about what happens after your FAFSA is complete on the Student Aid website.