Mission, Vision, & Values

Why We Do What We Do


Carolina College of Biblical Studies exists to disciple Christ-followers, through biblical higher education, for a lifetime of effective servant leadership.

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Carolina College of Biblical Studies will be a premier institution of biblical higher education whose graduates launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide.

Core Values

  • We value the authority of Scripture. We believe that the truth is absolute and that it is inerrantly recorded in the Holy Scriptures. The sixty-six books of the Protestant Bible are our authority. We read them at face value and apply them to our lives as individuals and as an institution. The authority of Scripture is our primary value.
  • We value the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is Lord, we are committed to knowing, worshiping, and following Him, our resurrected King, God and Savior. We are equally committed to the supremacy of His purpose to disciple the nations. Our curriculum, policies, and programs of study reflect the supremacy of Jesus Christ.
  • We value educational integrity. Because we are committed to the authority of Scripture, we also are committed to do all things for God’s glory. Our classroom behavior, curriculum, organization, and administration reflect an ongoing pursuit of academic integrity and institutional improvement.
  • We value multi-ethnicity. All men are made in God’s image. Some from all races will trust Christ. Because this is so, we serve a multi-ethnic community as a Bible college in Fayetteville, NC. Faculty, administration, and curriculum reflect our mutual commitments to Biblical integrity and multi-ethnicity.
  • We value ministry capability. The men and women who serve Carolina College of Biblical Studies are proven in the crucible of ministry. Our classes combine both the theory and the practical reality of service so that graduates can effectively disciple others.