Add, Drop, Modify your Schedule

Catalogs & Calendars

Below are the current catalogs for each program. Students are required to be familiar with the current catalog, policies, and procedures. While a student’s Degree Audit applies to the catalog year they began, the policies and procedures are based on the current catalog edition.

Online Program

Online Catalog

Online Catalog 2017-2018

Online Academic Calendar

Winter B — January 23, 2018

Spring A — March 6
Spring B — April 17

Summer A — June 5
Summer B — July 24


Campus Program


Campus students choosing to drop a course within the first 2 weeks may do so on their own through Populi. Dropped courses will not appear on a student’s academic transcript. Depending upon the time when a student drops, he/she may get full or partial refunds.

However, after Week 2, the student must request a withdrawal from the Registrar in order to be removed from the course. Students must request to withdraw before the end of Week 6 by submitting a Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office. In all cases, the date of withdrawal is the date the completed form is received (all quarter weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday, 11:59 ET).

Withdrawing renders the course grade of W (if passing) or WF (if failing). These grades are not considered when calculating the GPA, but they may impact a student’s “Satisfactory Academic Progress” as it relates to financial aid.

Campus Refund Policy

  • Prior to Week 1 — 100% refund
  • During Week 1 — 75% refund
  • During Week 2 — 45% refund
  • After Week 2 — no refund

Campus Registrar

Mrs. Aby Curley
(910) 323-5614

Online Program


Students wishing to withdraw from a course must complete a Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Online Registrar’s Office. A drop fee of $30 will be charged to their student account. Students that do not submit a formal withdrawal form will not be refunded. Students will receive a Withdraw (W) or Withdraw Failing (WF) depending on their grade at the time of their withdrawal.

Students who need to withdraw from a course or program should always make an official contact via email with the Online Dean (

A withdrawal from a course or program often requires adjustments to financial aid, per U.S. Department of Education and/or State of North Carolina regulations.  The Financial Aid office makes that determination and any necessary adjustments upon receiving documentation of the course or program withdrawal.  The student is responsible for any outstanding balance incurred as a result of this process.

When dropping a course, a student must inform the Financial Aid office of his/her continued enrollment intention within 45 days of his/her last date of attendance, in order to keep his/her financial aid in good standing.

Withdrawals affect the student’s completion rate.

Online Refund Policy

Students who have requested withdrawal will be eligible for the following:

  1. If a student withdraws before the course starts, 100% of the tuition will be refunded;
  2. If a student withdraws within the 1st week, 75% of the tuition will be refunded;
  3. If a student withdraws within the 2nd week, 45% of the tuition will be refunded;
  4. If a student withdraws after the end of the 2nd week, 0% of the tuition will be refunded.

Textbook Refund Policy

Refunds will be made for textbooks on the following conditions:

  • The student has officially withdrawn from the course that uses the textbook(s) for which a refund is being requested, and 
  • The textbook(s) is returned to CCBS within two weeks from the course start date, and
  • The textbook has not been written in, marked in, or damaged in any way. 
  • No opened software or Logos Bible Software will be refunded.
  • No refunds on shipping and handling.

Online Registrar

Mrs. Stephanie Dickerson
(910) 323-5614