Our mission is to disciple Christ-followers, through biblical higher education, for a lifetime of effective servant leadership. Our academic curriculum integrates faith and learning in a scholarly environment that values the authority of Scripture, the supremacy of Jesus Christ, educational integrity, multi-ethnicity, and ministry capability.

what can you study?

Advanced theological studies degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Advanced Theological Studies (ATS) is designed for people who intend to pursue a graduate degree by providing a foundation in biblical languages, research, and thesis writing.

apologetics degree

This degree is designed to provide wide exposure to apologetic topics as well as different philosophies while refining a God-honoring philosophy reflecting reality and the revelation of the Creator.

biblical studies degree

This program is designed for lay leaders and ministry personnel in the church and parachurch organization that requires foundational biblical studies.


leadership & ministry degree

This program is for adults involved in or preparing for ministry in a church or secular vocation.  The curriculum mixes practical and theoretical knowledge through classroom work, research, and community church or para-church involvement.

Biblical counseling program

Students are taught how to move others from a place of hurt to a place of restoration and healing in Christ.



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