The Bachelor of Arts in Apologetics is designed to provide wide exposure to apologetic topics as well as different philosophies while refining a God-honoring philosophy reflecting reality and the revelation of the Creator. Students will also refine critical thinking skills through analysis, discussion, and argumentation.

Program Objectives:

  • To equip graduates to defend the orthodox, historic faith from a variety of attacks.
  • To prepare graduates to present and persuasive case for the Christian faith to people of various worldviews.
  • To develop ways to build bridges from false religions and philosophies back to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To build a comprehensive, God-honoring Christian philosophy.
  • To demonstrate proficiency in research for preparation to enter graduate studies in apologetics or philosophy of religion.

Program At A Glance

Degree Requirements

This program includes 33 hours in Bible/Theology, 12 hours in Professional Studies, and 39 hours in General Education (including many PHI and APOL courses).

Total Hours

90 hours

Standard Completion Time

2 years in addition to the AA

Delivery Method


What Courses Will I Take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • Logic & Critical Thinking
  • Apologetic Systems
  • Christian Apologetics to Islam
  • Problems in Contemporary Apologetics
  • Philosophy of Hermeneutics

What Can I Do With This Degree?

  • Lead in evangelism seminars within your church and community.
  • Continue into an Apologetics program at the graduate level.

Who Supervises This Program?

For more information concerning this program, contact:

Thomas McCuddy
Professor of Apologetics

Who Will Teach Me?

Thomas McCuddy

Thomas McCuddy

Professor of Apologetics

Dr. Harry Ghee

Dr. Harry Ghee

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Chris Dickerson

Dr. Chris Dickerson

Professor of Preaching