Advanced Theological Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Advanced Theological Studies (ATS) is designed for people who intend to pursue a graduate degree by providing a foundation in biblical languages, research, and thesis writing. The goal of this degree is to prepare students for studies at the graduate level; therefore, the rigor of the program is intentionally increased.

All of the bachelor’s degree programs below assume the completion of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (90 credit hours) or an equivalent degree is completed prior to entry. Entering students without a biblical studies degree may be required to complete leveling courses.

Applicants: In addition to the normal application process, applicants must submit 2 additional writing samples:

  1. Submit an example of a recent class paper on a biblical/theological topic, OR write a new paper on “What is the Gospel?”
  2. Write a 1-page essay on why you wish to complete this degree and what your future goals are.

Program At A Glance

Degree Requirements

This program includes 27 hours in Bible/Theology, 18 hours in Professional Studies, and 27 hours in General Education (including Greek, Hebrew). A thesis is required at the end of this program.

Total Hours

60 hours (Online semester hours)

90 hours (Campus quarter hours)

Standard Completion Time

2 years in addition to the AA

Delivery Method

Campus | Online

What Courses Will I Take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • Apologetics
  • Biblical Theology
  • Advanced Discipleship
  • Greek 1, 2
  • Hebrew 1, 2
  • Great Thinkers

What Can I Do With This Degree?

  • Pursue a seminary degree
  • Serve as a pastor or associate pastor in a local church setting

Who Supervises This Program?

For more information concerning this program, contact:

Dr. Drew Curley Professor of Biblical Languages dcurley@ccbs.edu

Who Will Teach Me?

Dr. Drew Curley

Dr. Drew Curley

Professor of Biblical Languages

Dr. Jamale Johnson

Dr. Jamale Johnson

Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Dr. Chris Dickerson

Dr. Chris Dickerson

Professor of Preaching