Applying to CCBS

Helping You Navigate The Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Carolina College of Biblical Studies. The Admissions Office is here to help answer all of your questions as well as assist you through your process of applying to CCBS. If you need help along the way, please email us at If you’re ready to take your next step, then you are encouraged to apply today.

CCBS grants admission to those who complete the admissions process. We do not refuse admission based upon a fixed academic criteria. Students are neither required to have a minimum high school grade point average nor have a minimum ACT/SAT score. However, students may be required to take a placement exam prior to entrance to measure basic skills in reading, writing, and math in order to help them achieve success. Many students who would be rejected from selective colleges overcome their poor academic backgrounds by diligence, commitment, maturity, and effort. Thus, our aim is to help you achieve that goal!

Apply To CCBS Online

  1. Click here to apply online.
  2. Choose an academic program.
  3. Application fee is $40 (campus applicants only).

The application fee may be paid online with a credit card, in person at the Business Office, or in the mail by check/money order.