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Frequently asked questions

how do i accept my financial aid offer?

Because they do not need to be repaid, grants and scholarships are automatically accepted on your behalf (unless CCBS is notified in writing within 7 days of disbursement).    If you choose to accept Direct Loans, you must submit a completed Student Loan Authorization Form to the Financial Aid Office.

when will my financial aid be disbursed?

CCBS makes every effort to disburse federal student aid during the third week of each semester.

when will i receive my excess funds?

If there are excess funds to disburse, they will be released to students via check within 14 days of disbursement, unless the school has reason to believe you have stopped attending your current courses.

what if i want to change my loan selection?

Students can reduce/cancel their loan selections by completing and submitting the Loan Adjustment Form to the Financial Aid Office.


VP of Finance: Aby Curley