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By now you’ve heard the news that Charlotte Bible College & Seminary is now Carolina College of Biblical Studies. In the wake of Pastor Terry Faulkenbury’s retirement, the school decided the best next step would be to allow CCBS to assume offering courses in its stead. This change offers many benefits to the CBC&S family.

For now, let’s introduce you to CCBS…and then we can discuss what this means for you going forward.


CCBS is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (www.abhe.org). Our degree programs are also approved for enrollment by veterans and military personnel for use of military and veteran benefits. Finally, CCBS is a member of NC-SARA (www.nc-sara.org) allowing students in 49 states to complete degrees within our online program.


Because CCBS is accredited, students are eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid, also known as Title IV funds. Combined with a low tuition rate, CCBS is a very affordable college. So while our tuition rate per class is slightly higher than CBC&S, you’ll find that it equals out now that you are eligible for Pell Grants and direct loans.


CCBS is designed for the adult learner. Our campus classes meet one day per week, allowing students to work around their school schedule. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon, and evening. Our online program grants working adults the opportunity to complete courses at their convenience.

Forging Character

Forging character refers to the fact that we seek to disciple Christ-followers to be servant leaders. This process requires heart change! We want to shape your heart, character, and integrity as much as your brain knowledge. Character is a key!

Utilizing Truth

“Sanctify them in the truth, Your Word is truth” (John 17:17). According to Jesus, God’s Word is truth. And that’s what we seek to teach at CCBS. While many textbooks are used along the way, our main textbook is the Bible.

Defining Purpose

God has called you according to His purpose. That purpose has become your very heartbeat. And whatever that calling is, our role is to train you to fulfill it. We’ve been defining purpose for students since 1973, and we want to continue helping students do the same.


Campus + Online Students



How Are We the Same…


Birthed From a Church

Both CBC&S and CCBS were born out of the vision of a local pastor and a local church wanting to train people for ministry and service. Both institutions have a very practical mission–training men and women for Christian service.

Same Platforms

Both CBC&S and CCBS use Populi as the learning management system (where courses, grades, and student information) is stored.

Both CBC&S and CCBS use Logos Bible Software as a major component. In fact, CCBS has initiated a new package with Logos Bible Software that is much better than the Bronze Package for an incredible price.

Practical. Pastoral. Scholarly.

CBC&S and CCBS have incredible faculty with many similarities…

  1. Practical – Our faculty teaches real-life skills that are current. Most of the faculty is bi-vocational, serving as pastors by day and professors by night!
  2. Pastoral – The classroom experience is more than a lecture and a test. Our faculty love, lead, and minister to the students.
  3. Scholarly – All CCBS faculty have a minimum of a Masters Degree in their field, and over 50% have doctoral degrees in their field.
We want to make the transition from CBC&S to CCBS as easy and smoothless as possible!

Flexible Options & Locations

Fayetteville Campus

Main Campus

817 S. McPherson Church Road
Fayetteville, NC  28304


Concord Site

West Cabarrus Church

7655 Bruton Smith Blvd
Charlotte, NC  28027


Online Program

CCBS Online

Students are currently enrolled from 19 states.

Student Testimonials

What concerned me the most is would it be affordable. But seeking and getting information, I found out that it was not as expensive as other colleges or universities would be. What pleased me the most was the instructors are very formative, as well as spiritual. They are well educated, friendly, biblically based, and of course sound in doctrine. CCBS is a great place of learning, spiritual growth, and most of all being with other believers. Truly, this is the PLACE you want to be!

Phyllis Williams, Class of 2018

I would recommend CCBS to any person who desires to learn the Bible, while desiring to be pushed harder than they could imagine. . . . Every single teacher that I have studied under at CCBS has provided enough gasoline to fuel my future Christian journey.

Khamisi Kinney, Class of 2017

I certainly recommend CCBS to any child of the King who desires to study the Word of the God in a sincere spiritual collegiate environment maintained at CCBS. Age is not a factor, it is the willingness of the heart and mind to accomplish the weekly assignments coupled with prayer and thanksgiving to the Father who grants wisdom to all who ask.

Ron O’Toole, Student

There are not many professions on this planet that when taken seriously, don't require some type of formal training. Christianity is a profession, in that Christ calls us to represent Him, and He was the perfect professional Christian. CCBS offers many different levels of Christian training that will not only increase your spiritual maturity but better prepare you for day to day life.

William Wallace, Class of 2016

CCBS has aided greatly in my journey for the truth with small class sizes, in depth study of God’s word, and professors who are knowledgeable and truly practice what they teach. I am confident that wherever God leads me, CCBS will provide me with the right tools to lead others and conquer any spiritual challenge I may face in the future.

John Tirpak, Class of 2016 & 2018

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