COVID-19 Updates

This page serves as a list of updates pertaining to CCBS and our response to the current COVID-19 situation. Please check back regularly for updates. For clarity, the most recent update will be listed at the top of the page.

September 2, 2020

As North Carolina moves into Phase 2.5 on Friday, September 4, we wanted to give an update on the Snack Room. As the State loosens some restrictions, we believe it would be prudent to follow suit. Therefore, beginning on Tuesday, September 8, we will re-open the Snack Room with the following limitations:

  • No more than 4 people are allowed inside the Snack Room at a time. If more than 4 are present, please remain outside the door with appropriate social distancing for those exiting.
  • Students handling the coffee maker should use one of the disposable gloves to help limit cross-contamination. When possible, we encourage handwashing before and after touching items in the Snack Room (i.e., vending machines, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pots).
  • Students are NOT allowed to sit and eat in the Snack Room. The reason for this limitation is to avoid limiting other people from entering to get a drink, snack, etc. because several are congregating and eating in the room. For now, you may eat in the classrooms, but please discard all food trash appropriately so we avoid pests and overflowing trash cans in the classrooms. Please note that while students are not allowed to eat in the Snack Room, the faculty/staff are allowed as a way to break away from their offices.
  • Face coverings and social distancing are still required inside the Snack Room. 

A Few Side Notes:

  1. Please note that the food and drink in the refrigerator are NOT for student consumption. Many items are either personal lunches of the staff, for campus events, or other. If you did not bring it, please do not consume it. This includes the use of the refrigerator flavored coffee creamers, bottled water, drinks, etc. Also, please note that all items should be removed daily. The refrigerator gets “emptied” on a regular basis—including containers and food. Such items are tossed into the trash.
  2. Creamer and sweetener are limited to your current cup of coffee/tea. Please respect the fact that CCBS provides coffee/tea, creamer, and sweetener free of charge. Most institutions do not offer this amenity. We have seen students dump handfuls of creamers and sweeteners into their bags to take home. Free for you does not mean free for us! By honoring the system, you will allow us to continue providing free coffee for our students.
  1. While the classrooms are cleaned following each class, the snack room will only be cleaned once each day. High-risk students should still use caution due to the higher number of people who will potentially go in and out of the Snack Room.


The Snack Room will not open until Tuesday, September 8 (Monday is Labor Day), in order to give us time to make sure enough supplies are available.

Thank you for honoring the “no more than four” rule in the Snack Room. 

May 26, 2020

Campus Students,

Please take time to review the following information as we make final preparations to return to campus classes on June 1. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or the President.

Carolina College of Biblical Studies is a non-profit Bible college. As such, we do not fall into any specific category under NC Governor Roy Cooper’s Executive Order 141 (May 20, 2020). However, we want to be prudent in our service to our staff, faculty, students, and guests. Therefore, we are implementing the following guidelines that are required for “Retail Businesses” as delineated in Executive Order 141 §6.B.

Maximum Occupancy

Our Emergency Maximum Occupancy is 146 people (50% of our stated fire capacity of 293). The ~63 students enrolled in seated classes for the summer are spread across multiple classes that meet at three different time periods throughout the day. As a result, we fall well within the range of our capacity. (§6.B.1.a.)

Mark Six (6) Feet

We have marked six (6) feet of spacing in the main hallways and the library. Whenever possible, please remain at least 6 feet away from one another at all times. When you don’t see blue tape on the floor, a good rule of thumb is to be 3 carpet tiles away­–each carpet square is 2 feet by 2 feet. (§6.B.1.b.)


We have posted appropriate signage on the doors and throughout the building. Please take time to review these signs when you return to campus. (§6.B.1.c.)

Employee Screening

We are not currently conducting daily symptom screening of our staff or faculty. However, we have given great freedom to our staff to work from home without losing sick days during this crisis and have asked each to stay at home without retribution if they have any symptoms. Faculty are encouraged to follow in like manner and use Zoom/Panopto technology to teach remotely if they are experiencing any symptoms. (§6.B.1.c.)

NOTE: Students, if you have any symptoms, you should NOT come to campus for any reason. 


Our cleaning crew will clean the facility this weekend in preparation for classes next week. We have been (and will continue) disinfecting high-touch areas every day. Also, each classroom will be cleaned after each class finishes by one of our staff members. (§6.B.1.c.) 

Face Covering

Face coverings are a bit of a touchy subject in the culture today. Some are adamant that everyone must have one on; others are not so sold on the idea. No matter which side you fall down on, please note two general principles. First, believers are called to “love God…love others” (Matt. 22:37–40). Loving others includes respecting their decision…but it also includes respecting their health. Second, believers should remember Paul’s admonition to remember the “weaker brother” (Rom. 14:19–23; 1 Cor. 8:9). While I may believe X is acceptable, I need to consider what my weaker brother may consider is or is not acceptable. When it comes to face coverings, please remember these two principles and encourage those in your sphere of influence to do likewise. 

Executive Order 141 recommends, but does not require, face coverings for activities outside the home as a way to promote social distancing and reduce transmission (§3.B.2.). At this time, CCBS is not requiring face coverings to be worn by employees or students, nor are we supplying face coverings. 

Students, we realize that each of you may have a different perspective on the wearing of face coverings. We want to encourage you to wear a face covering if you choose, but we also ask that you do not look down or judge another person if they choose not to wear a face covering. 

In order to promote social distancing and reduce transmission, CCBS recommends face coverings for those who may be at high-risk in addition to carrying personal hand sanitizer, washing hands using soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible, and staying home if you are sick. 

Classroom Preparation

We have adjusted our classrooms to meet social distancing guidelines (§3.B.1.) and mass gathering guidelines (§7.A.1.). Tables are spaced at least six feet apart side-to-side and front-to-back with only one student per table. As a result, our classrooms are now limited to no more than 10 students (Classrooms 2 and 4), 9 students (Classroom 1), and 5 students (Classroom 6). 

Each classroom has a separate sanitation station that will include hand sanitizer and a sign reminding students about the 3 W’s (Wear. Wait. Wash.).


The library will be open with regular hours, including Monday and Thursday evenings. We have created social distancing in the library as well by limiting the chairs at the tables, limiting study rooms to one person at a time, and by spacing out the computer stations to individual tables. Floor markings will guide students where to stand who need assistance at the check-out counter. A sanitation station will also be available as students enter the library. 

To reduce transmission, all magazines have been removed from the library. Library staff will gladly assist students in retrieving books from the stacks. Students are encouraged to search online before arriving and place a “hold” on requested items. Library staff can then collect those books, check them out, and have them waiting for students upon arrival. This process will reduce students from having to walk the stacks unnecessarily and from touching multiple books in trying to find the correct one. However, single-use disposable food-handling gloves will be available to students who need to browse the stacks. After selecting the books, students should remove and dispose of the gloves in the receptacle provided. 

All degree-seeking students are required to have Logos Bible Software. In response to the COVID crisis, Logos has added a substantial number of resources (~3,000) to all students’ packages through July. The additional resources include the Lexham Press Master Collection, Galaxy Theological Journal Library, International Critical Commentary Series, Classic Scholarship Collection, and Logos Mobile Ed Master Bundle. 

Students also have access to our EBSCO journal database, ATLA journal database, and growing collection of eBooks. As a result, students should have no issue obtaining proper sources throughout the summer term. 

Snack Room

For at least the month of June, we will be closing the snack room to students. Only CCBS Staff will be allowed to use the snack room, including the coffee maker, microwave, vending machines, etc. 

If the snack room were open, it would be accessible to every student…touching the sink, coffee pots, creamers, microwave, drawers, etc. It would be very difficult to maintain proper sanitation in this area otherwise. Therefore, we are encouraging students to bring their own snacks and/or drinks. 

Effective Date

Executive Order 141 is in effect until Friday, June 26 at 5:00 p.m. unless repealed, replaced, or rescinded by another applicable Executive Order (§16). As a result, CCBS plans to adhere to the above actions and policies for the duration of the current Executive Order. However, CCBS holds the right to modify its plans as necessary to meet the current needs of the college and its constituency. 


The above guidelines are CCBS’s reasonable responses to the COVID-19 situation. However, CCBS does not claim these guidelines are able to prevent anyone from contracting the COVID-19 virus at our facility. Staff, faculty, students, and guests should use reasonable, sound judgment while using our facility.  

May 6, 2020

Governor Roy Cooper announced on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, that the current Stay at Home Order will be modified beginning on Friday, May 8, at 5:00 p.m. The modification allows most businesses to re-open with the exception of entertainment venues. Retail stores will be allowed to open as long as they do not exceed 50% capacity. CCBS’s maximum occupancy is 293 (50% = 146). Social distancing rules are still required, and we will incorporate adequate spacing in all classrooms. 

The move into Phase 1 is slated to last for two weeks, which would mean Phase 2 could start as early as May 22 (assuming proper trending). CCBS is planning to have campus classes this summer as long as we are in Phase 2. Currently, we are enrolling for all summer classes, both campus and online.

Please remember that the summer intensive will be a modified 8-week term over the summer with campus classes meeting twice a week. Online classes will maintain their current 8-week structure.

Students are encouraged to contact their Advisor or the Registrar to get enrolled.

April 29, 2020

In light of Governor Roy Cooper’s plans to re-open the state based on a three-phased process, CCBS is planning the following “re-entry plan” for *ON CAMPUS*, *seated* classes this summer.

Governor Cooper’s 3-Phase Plan:

  • Stay-at-Home Order extended until May 8.
  • Phase 1 begins on May 9.
  • Phase 2 begins 2-3 weeks later, approximately June 1 (assuming proper trending).
  • Phase 3 would begin 4–6 weeks later (as early as June 29 or as late as July 6).

CCBS’s Plan:
Assuming that NC reopens based on the governor’s proposed plan/schedule, we will have *ON CAMPUS *classes this summer. However, we will apply certain safety precautions and social distancing rules. The specifics of those precautions will be released closer to June 1. In general, they will include limited numbers of students per class, limited students in the library at a time, no access to the breakroom (at least temporarily), increased cleaning of the campus, etc.

Please note that if the state does not move into Phase 2 by June 1, then we will begin campus classes online via Zoom Conferences until the state moves to Phase 2.

In general, our class sizes fit well within the state guidelines. However, we want to be cautious about how quickly we return to normal. With that said, we believe our plan will allow a safe return to campus classes.

*All ONLINE classes will start and function as normal.


Summer (and Fall) Registration is now available in Populi. We have also moved the Late Registration Fee increase to May 15 to give you more time to register at the discounted rate. While the world is on pause, you can continue your studies. Get registered today!

May we not be discouraged during this time of uncertainty. Instead, let us dig into God’s Word even more as we become servant leaders who launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide. We look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!

If you have questions about your course registration options, contact your Advisor or the Registrar.

If you have questions concerning our process for re-entry to campus classes, contact the Provost or the President. 

MARCH 30, 2020

Today embarks a new day in NC as the new “Stay at Home” order goes into effect at 5:00 pm. In light of the coronavirus crisis, we are altering our daily schedule at the school. Please note that while CCBS is an “educational institution” and we are considered an “essential business,” that does not mean students should be coming to campus. We are open with normal office hours (Mon-Thurs, 8 am–4 pm; Fri 8 am–12 pm). The Stay at Home order encourages all access be done remotely or via teleconference if at all possible. So while you may think, “I’ll run by the campus and ask a quick question,” please do not. Instead, call the office and see if someone can assist you over the phone or via Zoom meeting. This protects you and protects our staff…and protects whoever comes in behind you! 🙂 

The Library will begin reduced hours effective immediately. The library will be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10 am–3 pm. But please note that the library is not a “hang out.” In fact, there are only a few reasons that you should come to the campus library during a “Stay at Home” order:

  1. To pick up a book.
  2. To use one of the computers in the event that you do not have a device or internet access.

In fact, to limit the community spread and increase social distancing, the Library Staff requests that all students needing a book should first check the online catalog (in Populi). If the book is available, place a “HOLD” on the item(s). The Library Staff will pull those books for you and have them waiting for you. That way you can walk in, pick up the books, and immediately leave…again, reducing community spread and increasing social distancing. This limits the number of hands that touch the book…and books in the stacks. The Staff will check out the books to you…and all you need to do is pick them up and leave.

Students should not be coming to the library to study at this time. If you have technical issues, you are encouraged to contact your instructor directly. David and Lee will no longer be available during the library hours to assist with technical issues.

Thank you for your understanding as we move into the next several days. I have been pleased with how well you have acclimated to the online transition. Thank you for your patience during this unusual time in our nation’s history. May the Lord bless you as you strive for excellence in a new digital environment.

MARCH 18, 2020

Hello Spring A campus students,

I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on preparations for your return to class next week…albeit “online” instead of “on campus.” I know some of you may be a bit apprehensive about that process, so I wanted to help alleviate some of that. Please take a few moments to read through this email.

Campus Hours:

The campus will be open Monday–Thursday from 8:00am–4:00pm and Friday from 8:00am–12:00pm (just like normal). If you need to come onto campus to ask questions, get help, go to the library, etc., you are welcome to do so. However, please do not come onto campus if you are sick or have symptoms. Also, if you have been in contact with anyone who is a presumptive positive for COVID-19, then please refrain from coming to campus.

Cleaning on Campus:

Our staff are disinfecting their offices and areas daily. Additionally, each afternoon the general access areas (halls, railings, light switches, push bars) and bathrooms are sanitized with a Clorox disinfectant solution. Finally, our cleaning crew is doing extra sanitizing when they do the cleaning each weekend.

Additionally, we have hand-sanitizers at each main entrance. In fact, in the main lobby, you asked not only to sanitize upon entry, but you are asked to remain behind the table and stop sign when speaking to the person at the reception desk.  Please help us protect our staff too! 

Moving Your Class to Online:

By the end of this week, your instructor should give you clear directions on how your class will proceed. Due to the various types of classes on campus, each instructor has the freedom to teach their class differently. For example, some will add a Panopto video and a weekly discussion board. Others may increase assignments to make up for lost face-to-face time. Still others will use our new Zoom Conference technology to re-create the campus class online. 

While we are trying to be flexible, we need you to rise to the occasion as well. Whatever your instructor alters in your course will need to be followed. We are required to maintain a certain number of “hours” of instruction and work. By losing face-to-face time, your instructors may have to add additional assignments and/or lengthen current assignments. So please do not balk at those changes. 


Your attendance in an online class depends on how your instructor proceeds forward. If your instructor is using a “Zoom Conference” that meets during your regularly scheduled class time, then you are expected to attend that class…from your home online. Failure to show up will result in an absence. The same is true for watching a Panopto video. Your instructor can/will mark your attendance based on your viewing of that video content. Other instructors will mark your attendance by “participation” including the completion of discussion boards, quizzes, etc. Failure to participate in the 7-day week will result in an absence.

Panopto vs. Zoom Conference:

Most of you are familiar with our Panopto videos since we have been using them for over a year now. In short, the instructor can record the video content which uploads to Panopto. You then watch that video as instructed. Some instructors will maintain this process. See the “How to Panopto” video tutorial below for help in accessing those videos.

Just this week, we have added “Zoom” to Populi. Zoom is a web-based teleconference app that allows for two-way video and audio interaction for multiple people. In short, you can see the instructor and they can see you. The beauty of Zoom is that it allows for discussion and interaction in the online classroom. In Populi, you can access Zoom Conferences under the new “Conferences” tab inside each classroom. See the “How to Zoom” video tutorial below for a brief walkthrough.

Discussion Boards:

To help you interact and discuss issues with your instructor, they may require you to participate in a “Discussion Board.” In short, a DB is an online process whereby the instructor poses a beginning topic and/or questions. You make an initial “comment” that goes to the entire class, and then your classmates can “reply” to your comment with follow-up questions, etc. The purpose is to re-create a conversation like in the face-to-face classroom. See the “How to do a Discussion Board” video tutorial below for more details. 

In general, all first comments are due by Thursday. Then you have until Sunday to post whatever replies are necessary. If the DB closes on Sunday and you don’t post your first comment until Sunday night…then no one can interact with you. It’s like asking a question in the classroom after the professor dismisses…no one is listening! So schedule a reminder and post on schedule! Please adhere to whatever requirements your professor has given, such as minimum word count, citing sources, minimum number of replies, etc. Each instructor will have different requirements.

Library & Research:

Obviously you will still need to complete papers and other projects while on break. Feel free to come by the library if necessary, but we are also encouraging you to go virtual! A few things to consider:

  • Don’t forget Logos Bible Software has commentaries, Bible dictionaries, etc. You can do a lot of research in Logos!!!
  • Consider using our EBSCO “eBooks.” They are digital copies of many of our major reference books…and they are accessible online. See the “How to Use EBSCO” video tutorial below for details. Don’t forget ATLA journals are online as well.
  • If necessary, you can contact the Librarian about particular books that are only available on campus. Copyright law allows us to copy up to a chapter of a book. The library team can scan a portion of a book and email it directly to you. If the entire book is required, then the library can mail it to you. You are then responsible for returning the books. This “by mail” option is normally only allowed for online students who live outside a 50-mile radius, but we will grant special provisions during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Please note that you can renew your library books in Populi as long as they are not already past due. If your books are overdue, please contact the Library team directly and they can renew your books by phone/email. Also, due to the situation, we are waiving all library fees for books due during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Student Support:

We realize that moving online with Zoom, Panopto, Discussion Boards, and whatever else may be quite intimidating, even scary, for some of you. The reason you are a campus student is to avoid online learning. We understand, and we are here to help. Beginning on Monday, March 23, David Probus and LeWillis Wilson will be available on campus as “Student Support” technicians in the library for at least the next 2 weeks. These men can help you with virtually any of the above technology issues, as well as general library assistance.

Monday           9:00–12:00pm            LeWillis Wilson

                        12:00–3:00pm            David Probus

Tuesday           12:00–3:00pm            David Probus

Wednesday     9:00–12:00pm            LeWillis Wilson

                        12:00–3:00pm            David Probus

Thursday         12:00–3:00pm            David Probus

Friday              9:00–12:00pm            David Probus

If you need student support, please schedule to come by during the hours listed above. 

Tutor.com Writing Center:

Since you do not have direct access to your professor like you do in a normal campus class, I wanted to remind you about our Tutor.com Writing Center (and tutors). Each student has access to this service through your class Populi page. Once logged into Tutor.com, you can access a live tutor to assist you with general questions on math, history, philosophy, or they can even look over your writing assignment with you. Or, you can submit a paper for a 12-hour review. The tutor reviews it, makes comments and suggestions, and then emails it back for you to fix. AND IF you tell them you are using Turabian format, they will help fix those issues as well. See the “How to Tutor.com” video tutorial for more details. 

Video Tutorials:

I have made a series of tutorial videos to show you visually how to access the various technology tools and helps mentioned above. Please take time to watch (and re-watch) these videos. They may save you a lot of wasted time. Each video is between 5-8 minutes long.

Final words…

I know this transition will be a little bumpy at first, but I know that our God will see us through. In the words of one of our faithful female students, “God didn’t bring us this far to leave us now!” I agree with her, don’t you?! 

Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. We are not going to let you falter and fail…as long as you’re trying. So work with us as we work with you!

One last piece of advice: When in doubt, email YOUR PROFESSOR! 

March 17, 2020

Our Preview Night event scheduled for Thursday, March 19, has been cancelled.

March 14, 2020

Due to the Governor’s executive order to stop mass gatherings across the state and to close all of Cumberland County schools, CCBS will extend the “spring break” by one additional week and then move all campus courses “online” for the next few weeks.

The extended spring break will give faculty members time to make appropriate adjustments and prepare for the transition to online. All Spring C “online” classes will begin on Monday, March 16, as normal. However, all Spring A “campus” classes will be on extended break until Monday, March 23. Please continue to check your email and Populi for updates.

Thank you for your patience as we make adjustments to this rapidly evolving situation.

March 12, 2020

CCBS continues to monitor the evolving outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The health and safety of our campus students, faculty, and staff are a top priority. The President and Provost are meeting regularly to assess the current situation within our state and surrounding counties (Cumberland, Lee, and Robeson).

Currently, there are only 12 cases total in the state (mostly in Wake County, with two people identified just recently in Forsyth County). At this time, no cases have been reported in Cumberland County or our immediate neighboring counties.

As of Thursday, March 12, 2020, campus classes will resume next week as normal.

In light of that decision, our staff has begun a daily detox routine. This routine includes wiping down all door handles, light switches, and bathroom handles with Clorox wipes. We encourage students to use the hand sanitizer upon entry to the building. Hand sanitizers are also available in every classroom.

Students are also encouraged to implement/continue the following precautions:

  • NO HANDSHAKING – Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.
  • Implement “social distancing” – Keep a distance of at least 6’ from people when possible. In the classroom, spread out when possible and avoid sitting immediately beside someone.
  • Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches, buttons, etc. Outside of the school, lift gasoline dispensers with a paper towel or use a disposable glove.
  • Open doors with your closed fist or hip – Do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. If the door must be pulled, use a towel if available.
  • Wash your hands with soap for 10–20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Wash frequently.
  • If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more.

Finally, the Provost has initiated consultation with our campus faculty about continuity of instruction plans. When/If the situation invades the Sandhills region, we will possibly transition to online courses using our Panopto video technology as a way of finishing our current semester. At this point, there are no immediate plans for this transition.

Helpful Articles:

  1. CDC Information Page on COVID-19
  2. Attachment 1: COVID-19 Fact Sheet
  3. Attachment 2: What to do if sick with COVID-19