The Graduate Program offers students a more in-depth study of biblical, theological, and professional studies skills required in ministry preparation. The program aims to satisfy five major objectives: biblical exposition, spiritual development, theological integration, ministry preparation, and Christian worldview. Graduates will be qualified to serve as pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, ministry workers, or in preparation for doctoral studies.

graduate program objectives

biblical exposition

Demonstrate the ability to interpret correctly, apply appropriately, and communicate passionately the Bible.

spiritual development

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue Christlikeness in spiritual growth through the spiritual disciplines and discipleship.

theological integration

Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the foundational doctrines of the faith for a lifetime of servant leadership.


ministry preparation

Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to launch and lead healthy ministries worldwide.

christian worldview and communication

Demonstrate the ability to think biblically, argue persuasively, and communicate clearly in light of the culture.


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