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To help our students be better equipped to complete their degree requirements and to help them be efficient in their study of Scripture, all degree-seeking students are required to purchase Logos Bible Software. Beginning in the fall of 2018, new students will receive a revised package that was built in cooperation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

The ABHE Essential Package offers students the full feature set of Logos 7 in addition to a specially selected group of resources, including the entire New American Commentary set (valued at $1,297 in printed materials alone) and the Tyndale Commentaries on the Old and New Testament ($269 value). In addition to the full package, students will also receive the Mobile Ed: Logos Academic Training Bundle ($99 value) which is used in our Advanced Bible Software course.

And CCBS students get all of it for the extremely low price of $300.

ABHE Essentials List of Resources (2018)

Installing Logos Bible Software

Brief Overview of Logos Bible Software


We strive to offer 1-2 “Logos at Lunch” seminars throughout each term. Once completed, the videos and any files will be uploaded here for future reference. Enjoy!

Word Studies

This video explains how to complete a Word Study in Logos Bible Software. (Our apologies, the volume is a little garbled due to the microphone.)

Download the Handout: Word Studies

Copy of Korver’s Word Study Checklist: Korver Word Study Checklist

Videos from the End:

  • Lemma in Passage — New feature in Logos 8 that does the “milestone” search automatically.
  • Logos 8 Demo — Just a basic demo on what’s new in Logos 8.
  • Jason Mayfield — Mentioned in class, but not shown. Mayfield was asked to do a trial of Logos 8 and then make a demo video. He offers a 10% discount video for buying the Logos 8 upgrade.

How to Highlight Effectively

This video explains how to use the power of the “highlighting” tool to improve your reading and research in Logos Bible Software.

Download the Handout: How to Highlight Effectively

Part of the content of this video is based on the blog article How to Highlight a Book Like Bible Nerd.

Library & Layouts

This video explains how to maximize your Logos experience by prioritizing key resources in your library…and adjusting the layout of resources on the screen to be just what you need.

Notes & Clippings

This video explains how to use the “notes” and “clippings” documents in doing research, Bible study, or whatever!

Unfortunately, a glitch happened partway through the introduction…resulting in 2 parts of the video.

Download the Handout: Using Notes and Clippings Handout