Voter Registration

To participate in North Carolina state elections or federal elections, you must register to vote ahead of time. To register to vote in NC, you must be: (1) a citizen of the United States, (2) a NC resident, and (3) at least 18 years old by the date of the next general election. When you register to vote in a North Carolina county, you give up your voter registration in the county or state where you previously lived.

To register by MAIL:

Cumberland County Board of Elections
227 Fountainhead Lane Suite 101

Fayetteville, NC  28301

Phone: (910) 678-7733             Fax: (910) 678-7738

To register in PERSON:

Many state agencies provide voter registration services. You can register to vote in person at:

  1. A NC Division of Motor Vehichles (DMV) office, as long as you are also conducting DMV business, such as applying for a new driver’s license or ID card, renewing a driver’s license, or requesting a duplicate driver’s license.
  2. Social Services offices.
  3. Public Health (WIC) offices.
  4. Disability Services Agencies.
  5. The Department of Mental Health Services.
  6. The Employment Security Commission (ESC).

To register by EMAIL or FAX:

You can fax or email the Voter Registration Application to your county Board of Elections office. However, you must also submit your original signature in person or by mail within 20 days of the registration deadline.


Phone: (910) 678-7733             Fax: (910) 678-7738


To be eligible to vote in the next election in NC, you must be registered to vote at least 25 days before Election Day.

As a part of our participation in the Federal Title IV IHE Program,
we are required to provide students with information on voter registration.